A good mate at our Church told me to read that part of the Parish Bulletin, ‘BREAKING OPEN THE WORD,’ this Sunday 31 January 2021.

This week, Christopher Monaghan CP has a piece titled ‘What comes from within.”  What stands out for me are the following:

  • The continual need for prophets, yet everyone has brokenness so we often look to others to lead.
  • What Jesus had was more than that of Moses [who saw and knew God], because it came from within.
  • Jesus was truly man and truly God [of course there is something special within him over and above others].
  • Demons seen into Jesus, and recognised that he is the Holy One of God. Our focus must always be on Jesus.
  • We must proclaim Christ in whatever way we are called, but more than that, we need to live the Gospel each day [How tough is that when you get frustrated? How tough to forgive and try to understand others?].
  • We have a constant pressure to find balance between evangelisation and our personal lives. We cannot make excuses that “I am too busy at home” to go the extra mile for God and yet we cannot neglect home and become a ‘street-angel/home-devil’. It is urgent to continue the proclamation, sometimes we are misunderstood [especially by those close to us], still we must look for new ways to proclaim Christ irrespective.

I thank my friend for reminding me the value of that part of the bulletin BREAKING OPEN THE WORD.

I also thank my CALIX friends, because when I meet with them I am reminded that obsessive and compulsiveness (which people in 12-step programs understand) can play havoc on our life management efforts. It is a fact that we need to live ‘one day at a time’.  How fortunate we are to have these little snippets in parish bulletins!   What value can be placed on the interaction we get with CALIX?

Isn’t it good to have mates to prompt you to read, do and live stuff for Jesus Christ? A mate to raise you up!

How can we encourage another fellow at our parish to consider deeply the Sunday Gospel?