Fr. Emmerich Vogt is well known for his talks and publications on 12 Step Spirituality (see here).   The Sunday evening  Maine Calix meeting (7 pm EST) is using a series of 12 pamphlets authored by Fr. Vogt.   The featured image shows the cover for  the pamphlet on Step 1.   Each step will be covered in three meeting sessions.

In his discussion of the Step 1  (“admitted we were powerless over ….”), Fr. Vogt emphasizes that we have to put our trust in Jesus, like Peter walking on the water.  We have to look to Jesus, not on the water into which we may sink without faith.   This attitude requires humility, a belief that we can’t control people’s behavior or events.  That we can’t exercise such control implies that we have to turn it over to God/Jesus.  When we admit this we take the first step on the road to recovery and growth

All Calix members are invited to attend, using the regular meeting id (761 562 941) and password.