Here’s a hymn for Catholics involved in 12 Step programs and for Catholics who want forgiveness for sins: “Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy.”

The verses above were taken from the Offertory Hymn at the vigil Mass (24th Sunday) for St. Thomas More Parish, an Anglican Usage parish in Scranton, PA.  I use the order worship and an mp4 recording to listen to the Mass and read along as it proceeds.  (Scroll down on the linked website and you’ll see “The audio is here,” a link to the mp4 recording of the Mass, and “The liturgy guide is here,” to get the pdf order of worship.   I should add that in addition to a beautiful liturgy,, there is a fine homily by Rev. Eric Bergmann on the Muslim persecution of Christians and the need for us to forgive those Muslims and pray for them.

But to the hymn: it’s a beautiful melody, and if you go to Youtube you’ll hear several moving versions. The one I’ll give below is not as, shall we say, “folksy” as those on Youtube, but it is moving, and includes the verse highlighted in the featured image, a verse that hits me hard as repentant and sinning child of God.  Click on the play arrow to hear the hymn.

A final comment:  many times I have found music a more direct road to faith than the spoken or written word.  The highlighted verse hits me hard.